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Volunteering is also a linguistic experience !

Posted on 2013-02-21 16:00:05 by Eric-Phong


It is necessary to speak at least a little bit of English to go to an international workcamp, as English is the language used by the volunteers.
In fact, although English is generally the common language in the workcamp, speaking the local language or knowing a few basics will definitely help you better appreciate the culture and the local population.

Some of our partners offer the opportunity to learn local languages before or after your international workcamp. By working directly with language schools, our partners eliminate the profit margins of intermediaries. In general, prices charged vary from 150 to 400 Euro for 2 weeks depending on the country and on housing.

Some examples of prices

For example, here is what you could pay a background in language:



15 classes/week

  20 classes/week

 Intensive Plus
30 classes/week

                Short courses




                1 - 2 weeks

  $ 105 US

  $ 135 US

     $ 200 US

                3 - 4 weeks

   $ 100 US

   $ 130 US

    $ 190 US

                Middle courses




                5 - 8 weeks

  $ 95 US

 $ 125 US

  $ 185 US

                9 - 12 weeks

  $ 90 US

 $ 115 US

 $ 170 US

                Long courses




                13 weeks or more

   $ 85 US

 $ 110 US

  $ 160 US

For more information on the content of these courses and prices, contact us.

Currently, it is possible to participate in language courses for English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

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