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Our educational project : learning while doing something useful !

Posted on 2014-08-04 19:50:10 by Céline

Taking part to an international workcamp is not an objective. It rather is a way to offer one's time, to meet and live with a group of young people coming from different backgrounds.  So a workcamp is a way to discover the world around us and an commitment to a solidarity project.

For SVI, a volunteering project is an educational tool. During the project, volunteers learn to live and work in teams, to take responsibilities and to gain self-confidence. The projects allow to adapt to another culture and language, which will make it easier to enter a professional life and an active citizenship.

Volunteering is also a great opportunity for young people to get international experience. Therefore, we work to promote international volunteering among all young people. We are particularly attentive to young people in a difficult situation (academic, financial, personal, familial ...) who have never thought that they could go volunteering abroad. Our objective is to make our projects accessible to everyone !

All our projects are designed not as a passive alternative to holidays but as serious projects in which volunteers are actively involved both during the preparation phase and during the project.

The lessons to be learned from such experiences are always positive regardless of the nature of the chosen project! However, do not forget that the goal must remain to go volunteering, that is to say to fulfill a task without expecting anything in return.

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