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SJ Vietnam

SJ Vietnam is our main partner association.

It was created in December 2004 with the support of SJ France, NVDA and "A prop for Vietnam". It is the leading organization in the international workcamp field in Vietnam. The volunteering organization was founded by Ms. Do Thi Phuc's Vietnamese Youth Volunteer Club and Mr. Pierre De Hanscutter, a Belgian volunteer working for the UN Department Vietnam and current director of the SVI.

In June 2006, Ms. Do Thi Puc officially became director of SJ Vietnam and Mr. Pierre De Hanscutter became honorary president of SJV and its official representative in Europe.

In 2010, SJ Vietnam had more than 4,000 local members and received over 500 international volunteers on local projects including twenty volunteers from the European Voluntary Service (EVS) run by the European Commission. Unlike several international volunteering organisations, SVI comes from an Asian developing country: Vietnam.

In 2004, Pierre De Hanscutter, envoy for the Belgian foreign ministry at the United Nation, set up the first fully independent volunteering organisation in Vietnam, in collaboration with Do Thi Phuc, young president of a local Vietnamese association. This newly-born youth organisation was named "Solidarité Jeunesses Vietnam", echoing the French organisation "Solidarités Jeunesses", which provided the former its precious assistance and friendship all along.
SJ Vietnam has a unique feature: it combines local charity, "maison de jeunes", with international work camps, "chantiers internationaux", in a virtuous circle of mutual strengthening. Vietnamese and international volunteers find a place to work together and can share their knowledge, cultures, best practices and personal views to work together towards common solidarity projects, such as intercultural learning, informal education, projects management etc. These projects prove to be helpful to both local people and to youth volunteers.
Thanks to SJ Vietnam, young people from different social and geographical backgrounds have the opportunity to set up joint projects, often for the first time. Those are made "by and for young people". They learn to live together beyond their cultural, linguistic and social differences.
SJ Vietnam has rapidly gained an excellent reputation in Vietnam and abroad thanks to its friendly work environment and to the quality of its projects. Over the last few years it has grown, going from more or less a dozen fans in Belgium, France, Italy, Japan and Russia, to over 4000 local members and 500 foreign volunteers who regularly take part to the activities.
In 2005, SJ Vietnam officially became a member of UNESCO-CCIVS in Paris and of NVDA, Network of Volunteering and Development Associations, based in Asia.
In 2007 SJ Vietnam made its debut as a fully-fledged partner among associations of the European Alliance network in France.
In 2009, SJ Vietnam became a member of BITS, Bureau International du Tourisme Social, in Brussels. By 2009, SJ Vietnam claimed over 4000 local volunteers, 500 international volunteers, more than 40 international projects (setting up schools for homeless children, workshops aimed at handicapped people, entertainment projects in hospitals, water filters and so on)  with varying duration (from two weeks to a whole year).
Moreover, SJ Vietnam was awarded six tenders from the World Bank, two from UNESCO and another one from UNV.
SJ Vietnam can boast having organised the first project Arte Diem in Asia, an artistic initiative that brought together young people from Asia and Europe, as well as having hosted the first three EVSs and having sent roughly 50 young Vietnamese volunteers to Europe and across Asia.
In summer 2009, SVI was registered as an independant Belgian Non-profit organisation, under a name that clearly reveals its core activity "Service Volontaire International – SJ Vietnam" or "Service Volontaire International" (SVI). It does not to leave room for confusion and describes to young people what they exactly can do and where they can go. The eligible destinations are Vietnam and 67 other countries in which partnership agreements have been signed with local organizations.
In Belgium, we can boast being the first youth organisation coming from the “South” and reaching out to the “North”. Website:

International Organisation of Social Tourism (BITS)

The International Organisation of Social Tourism (BITS) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to promote access to tourism for all, with special attention to groups with lowest incomes.

BITS "promotes the development of social tourism in the international framework. To this end, it is responsible for coordinating touristic activities for its members and for informating on tourism and on all matters that have to do with social tourism (cultural aspects and economic and social consequences)."

More accurately, BITS aims at giving access to leisure, holidays and tourism to many young families, seniors and people with disabilities and at promoting the implementation of this goal and means resulting from actors who share this responsibility, namely State, social actors and operators.
With a network of members on various continents, the BITS is now considered as the true World Social Tourism Organization. It has over 140 member organizations in nearly 40 countries. Its members include associations, unions, cooperatives, private organizations as well as public administrations in charge of tourism. SVI and SJ Vietnam are  members of the BITS since 2009

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Un ETAI for Vietnam

Un ETAI for Vietnam is a French international solidarity assocition created by students from the Medical University of Toulouse.

Un ETAI for Vietnam is the association to which SVI - SJV is emotionally the closest. They share links that have been forged between members of both associations. Un ETAI for Vietnam is the main contributor to our project "Fisher Village" and our youth center in Hanoi.

The collaboration between SVI - SJ Vietnam exists since the creation of the association. Thanks to it, a joint project of water filters for people living on the Red River in Hanoi has begun. Each year, members of ETAI are involved in the development and comanagement of the projects at the Fisher Village and Pediatric Hospital in Hanoi.

In 2009, un ETAI for Vietnam, in collaboration with France Youth Solidarity, created its first project of European Voluntary Service in Vietnam.

Un ETAI association for Vietnam

Toulouse Students for International Aid

37 allées Jules Guesde

31000 Toulouse



UN Volunteers

UNV is the UN focal point of the United Nations for the promotion and enhancement of volunteering for effective development. UNV is a strategic source of knowledge and advice on the role and contribution of volunteering and the benefits of civic engagement in development programs. UNV is dedicated to volunteering for development to significantly contribute to development effectiveness.

UNV was created by the UN General Assembly in 1970 at the request of member countries who wanted to establish a development partner for the organization of the United Nations system. Its tasks are to raise awareness on volunteering and its contribution to development, to provide technical assistance to the development of volunteering and to nationally and internationally mobilize volunteers.

The headquarters of the United Nations Volunteers, which is active in over 140 countries, is in Bonn (Germany). It is represented worldwide in the offices of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The program reports to the Board of Directors of UNDP, which helps ensure that UNV volunteers are constantly listening to the evolving needs of program countries.

UNV United Nations is a trusted development partner because it respects the control exercised by one nation over its own future while bringing countries to address common challenges.

The creation of SJ Vietnam was a priority task of the Belgian cooperator, Pierre De Hanscutter, in 2005 from the UNV office in Vietnam.

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