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Choose your workcamp!

Posted on 2014-09-30 12:22:55 by Eric-Phong

Think about the real reasons why you are choosing a mission 

When choosing a short or long term international workcamp in a close or a far country, you must consider many human factors. Volunteers who misjudge their real motivations, idealize international volunteering, underestimate the difficulties or overestimate their own adaptation capacities are likely to come back home disappointed or prematurely. This is particularly true if they choose a far destination or a project with very different living conditions from the ones they are used to. Even if others have already successfully completed the same project before, it does not mean that the project, country or group will be also good for you.

The SVI staff is here to guide you in your choice: we know our partners and their projects, so we can advise you on what seems the best for you. Our goal is not to send you as far as possible and as long as possible. We want you to find the project that suits you best. Feel free to come and visit us!

What types of projects can you realize?

Throughout the year, you are only expected to choose among our 600 projects availlable around the world: animating children, taking part to archaeological digs, setting up a music festival, helping at preserving heritage, taking part to solidarity actions, eco-volunteering, doing social and cultural activities, assisting people, building a village school, planting trees, taking part to artistic projects, doing language courses,...
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Who can participate?

To participate to an international workcamp, you must be at least 18 (except if you go with a group such as a scout troop or youth center) and have completed the preparatory  individual meeting which takes place every single year in Brussels and Tournai. The workcamps have no upper age limit. However, we must consider that our target public is people who are between 18 and 30 years old. The average age for an international workcamp is 22-23 years old. Some workcamps accept families with children or groups (e.g. school, scout group, club, etc).

If no specific qualification or language is requested (but revising your English may be useful, as it is the language used on international workcamps ...), a real motivation for the chosen project is required. A workcamp is a true volunteer and solidarity project !
Persons with disabilities are also welcome on most projects.

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