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International workcamp in Europe

Posted on 2017-05-25 15:30:06 by De Hanscutter Pierre

Why don't you participate in an international workcamp for few weeks or few months in Belgium? SVI is not only an association that sends volunteers abroad. We also receive hundreds of foreign volunteers on our projects in Belgium.
Our volunteering projects in Belgium aim at supporting small non-profit organizations by giving them a punctual hand. It would allow volunteers to discover another culture and the association world in Belgium.

For us, welcoming foreign volunteers to Belgium is also a way to boost the volunteering sector with motivated volunteers who can bring new ideas to the organization and an outsider look. We also hope that volunteers will go back to their home countries with new ideas.

If someone is willing to join one of our projects in Belgium, they must be a member of a volunteering organization in their country. We do not accept volunteers who are not members of a local organization. Therefore, they have to contact their own organization and not direcly SVI. Otherwise we will not be able to deal with their demand.

LTV in l'Arche


International workcamp in Dour Festival

Project calendar and Cultural information about Belgium:

Below, you can download the list of our short and long term projects for 2013. You will also find information about Belgium : Belgian music, city maps, historical explanations of old touristic guidebooks from the 19 th century! When you are accepted as a volunteer, we will send you more information.

Don't forget to send us your application, you absolutely need to be member of a volunteering organization in your country! We cannot accept "free" volunteers coming without any preparation.

Our projects in Belgium

To see all our projects on a Google map, click here

To get the latest description of all our projects in Belgium, click here


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