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Projets de volontariat en Thailande

Posted on 2011-03-18 15:16:32 by Pierre De Hanscutter Speak Reader sur SVI

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April 2011 Music & Creative Travel


Music & Creative Travel – HatYai (Songkhla province)

04-18 April 2011


Music is the language of us all. The Music & Creative Travel Camp is combination of different actions. Putting together a cultural music show, performing, traveling and donating money is what the workcamp is about.

International volunteers will join with Thai volunteers to make this camp possible. The first week of the camp consists of forming a band, jamming and practicing songs as well as organizing a full show of cultural diversities. Workshops for playing other instruments and building new instruments we can use are possible. A visit of the project site we support will take place as well so that volunteers know what they work for. The second week of the camp will consist of traveling to different markets and communities in the provinces Satun, Songkhla, Phattalung and Nakorn Sri Tammarat in order to play and raise money for the project. Highlight of the performance week will be Songkran Festival which takes place from April 12-14 and is one of Thailand’s biggest celebrations being the Thai New Year Festival. Close connections to the locals will be necessary. By the end of the second week the money collected, as specifically discussed with the volunteers and the project beforehand, will be used to support the project on a last visit.

Volunteers should play an instrument, sing, dance or somehow else be able to express themselves and their culture in an artistic and creative way. Since we want to compile a varying type of show ancient and traditional instruments, songs and dances are highly recommended to bring along. Even traditional clothes can add to a successful and interesting culture show.

The international exchange through cultural expression such as music and art will add to a broader understanding of cultural diversities. Especially Thai culture can be experienced well by the volunteers due to close connection to locals supporting the camp either with presence, hospitality or support. The raise of money for a project of social development is very important as well due to their lack of financial capacities.


Aims of project:

-  Create an appealing music and culture show

-  Perform to increase awareness among locals

-  Support social project with raised money

-  Build up and maintain good relationships with local people

Accommodation: You will either stay in local schools, community meeting places or home stay

Fee: 7,000 Baht (approx. 180 Euro)

Location: Songkhla, Satun, Pattalung, Nakorn Sri Tammarat provinces, Southern Thailand

Meeting point: Monday 4th of April 11 at Hat Yai train station, 10 o’clock in the morning

Info sheet: If you are interested, ask your organization for a more detailed info sheet of this project





Info Visa pour la thailande

Short Term Volunteer (STV)
Apply for tourist visa (TR) which can stay in Thailand 1 - 2 month [ see TOURIST VISA EXEMPTION]

Mid-Long Term volunteer (MLTV)
There are 2 ways for MLTV 

  1. Apply for tourist visa and pass thailand border every 2 months. This way does not allow you to extend your visa for more than one additional month.
  2. Apply for  Non-Immigrant Visa  "O-A" (Long Stay) or  Non-Immigrant Visa ED (Education, traning). You can have visa maximun for 1 year.

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